Extreme Sailing Series Premieres in Los Cabos This Fall

For the first time ever, the Extreme Sailing Series is coming to Los Cabos. The upscale yachting event is

The Extreme Sailing Series 2016. Act 7. Lisbon. Portugal. 6th October 2016. Credit – Lloyd Images

scheduled to take place from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, 2017, and looks to be a perfect fit for a region that is increasingly positioning itself as both a global travel destination and a luxury lifestyle leader.

The Extreme Sailing Series was originally founded in 2007, and has been staging high-profile events around the world ever since. One of its primary allure for sailing fans has been its ability to bring together different categories of sailors – from America’s Cup competitors and their billionaire backers to Olympic heroes and around-the-world soloists – and let them compete on an even playing surface. This has been accomplished by requiring all participants to sail the same boat, a GC32 class catamaran. These 40 foot seagoing missiles are constructed of high-tech carbon fiber (think incredibly light and incredibly strong), and capable of speeds up to 46 miles per hour across open water.

Los Cabos is the final stop on the 2017 tour, the final test of champions. Even more exciting, perhaps, is that the series is also the leading proponent of what is called stadium racing. No, there is no actual stadium involved; the concept, rather, is that all the racing action takes place within view of land (or Land’s End). Stadium racing was immediately applauded when it appeared on the scene, since traditionally fans, friends and family had only had good views of the action at the very beginning and very end of a yacht race. Stadium racing made racing much more spectator friendly, and allowed for innovations and upgrades like leader boards, VIP seating, food and beverage access, and in-race commentary.

What stadium racing means for visitors to Cabo San Lucas this fall is the equivalent of a free front row seat to one of the world’s truly big-ticket sporting events. Pack your picnic basket with organic Miraflores grown fruit, Oaxacan cheese and some fine wine from Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe, spread out a blanket along the shore, and watch as some of the world’s most expensive ships indulge in a sort of high-speed, wind-aided ballet.

To find out more about the Extreme Sailing Series, which will be sponsored by German software giant SAP, go to www.extremesailingseries.com. To find out more about ways to upgrade your picnic viewing experience, visit www.loscabosvillas.com.

Photo courtesy of the Extreme Sailing Series.





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