The Luxury Traveler’s Guide to Los Cabos

Why fly coach when you are able to fly first-class? Or, better yet, private?

Air travel, like just about every other life experience, is available at a wide variety of levels…from no frills to unfettered opulence.

For Los Cabos bound vacationers, accommodations have traditionally run the gamut from low-budget bungalows to luxurious beachfront resorts, the latter complete with pampering spas and private butlers. But the truly top-of-the-line luxury options nowadays aren’t found in even the poshest of five-star hotels. To really go big, you want your own private villa.

The most appealing thing about Mexico in 2017 is that between the lower cost of living and the extremely favorable exchange rate,  luxury travel is accessible and affordable to a much greater percentage of U.S. citizens than ever before. And Los Cabos, with its movie star enclaves, world-class golf and fishing, and gorgeous golden sand beaches, is the perfect place to take advantage of this sunny economic situation.

Nestled in the hillside enclave of Pedregal, easily the most prestigious and exclusive address in Cabo San Lucas, Villa La Roca is in many ways the apotheosis of gracious living, Cabo style. Breathtaking views of the half-mile Land’s End headland and the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean are available from 7 bedrooms (on three levels), not to mention the clifftop pool, where you can meditate on the majesty or your new surroundings to the gentle cascading sounds of your own private waterfall.

Villa La Roca is the ultimate stress reliever. Try a workout in the fitness facility, or ask the private chef to whip up an order of  Moules à la crème Normande, perhaps with a glass of perfectly chilled Muscadet.

Estrella del Mar (Star of the Sea) is another persuasive argument for the private villa experience. Set in Puerto Los Cabos, a luxurious development located just outside San Jose del Cabo, this seven-bedroom villa features marble floors and top-of-the-line appliances, plus swimming pool and rooftop whale watching terrace, and of course easy beach access to beautiful La Playita.

Did I mention the nearby golf course, the world’s only composite design between Jack “The Golden Bear” Nicklaus and Greg “The Great White Shark” Norman? How about the yacht-friendly marina, or the sculpture garden filled with artworks from famed Mexican surrealist Leonora Carrington?

Villa life is sweet in Los Cabos, but to truly live the ne plus ultra Land’s End lifestyle you’ll also need to charter your own luxury yacht. Snorkel or romantic sunset cruises aboard the 56’ Tokase are a good start, with Champagne to sip as you watch whales breach, dolphins frolic, and the sun explode in a fiery burst of color behind an 80-million-year-old granite arch.

After the sunset, have the captain set a course for home while you enjoy a dinner buffet of fresh locally caught seafood.  The mate will be standing by to refill your Champagne flutes, while back at the villa the staff are warming up the clifftop jacuzzi, fluffing the goose down pillows, and turning back the covers on your 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Still want to fly coach and sleep in a hammock?

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